The Most Powerful Source of Healing

ancient scroll

Hidden for over 2,000 years.
Inaccessible to all but the spiritually elite.
Questionable remedies offered in its place.

That's all about to change.

Introducing the

Jewish Healing Institute


The most comprehensive,
authentic, and
center for Jewish healing
wisdom and practices
in over two millennia

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Torahpractic Remedies

1st Gate: Book of Remedies

A practical guide containing the distilled wisdom and experience of Jewish healing practitioners over the last 5,000 years.  This volume offers hundreds of accessible healing remedies for the spiritual disorders underlying the most common modern physical, emotional and mental ailments.

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2nd Gate: Community for Healing

A gathering place for those seeking healing and healing practitioners—for sharing, learning, and teaching in ways that transform “passive sufferers” into active, purpose-guided individuals. Ask a question, join the discussion, help others on their healing journey.

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Jewish healing Community


jewish healing Principles

3rd Gate: Sourcebook of Healing

A compilation of the basic concepts and principles underlying the Jewish healing wisdom tradition as it applies to contemporary practice—including the development of clinical techniques,  diagnostic skills and treatment modalities in Jewish soul medicine. Designed for accessibility and flexibility, this volume is presented in a style that is concise, beautifully illustrated and easy to read.

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4th Gates: Pathways of Healing

For those wanting to discover their unique Divine purpose and move from healing to a life of total-wellbeing—purposefully-lived, this volume offers a program of personal growth and spiritual development. True spiritual growth requires hard work and practice, and yet is the most profound endeavor we can undertake.  Participants in this unique Kabbalah-based program will be supported to integrate their learning into new ways of acting, feeling, thinking, responding and being.

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Gates of Jewish healing


Jewish healing Sourcebook

5th Gate: Training for Healing

Selections from the most significant writings covering almost every area of Jewish healing thought and practice of the last 5,000 years—many of which have never before been available in translation. Authoritative and wide-ranging, the breadth and depth of these writings alone makes this volume unique and valuable.

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More than a website

Jewish Healing Institute


is a
wellspring of healing waters
reviving and restoring our bodies and souls
to the
total wellbeing and purposeful living
for which we were intended